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Unsurpassed industry experience. Years of operational know-how. Optimized designs and quality. Our products increase efficiency, safety, and accuracy — improving your business’ productivity and cost effectiveness. We provide the systems you need to keep your operations running safely and at peak efficiency. From complete make up / break out machines to downhole tool testing equipment, JW Machine Systems delivers quality and performance you can count on— with value that supports your bottom line.

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As pioneers of the industry’s modern Break-Out Machines for over 35 years, our TRUTORQUE product line is unmatched in features, performance, accuracy and value. Four innovative models, including our continuous rotation unit for premium collar and casing connections, fit the size and capacity for your operations.

Data Logging System

Automatically monitoring and recording make-up / break-out torque values, TRULOG is a user-friendly, touch screen operated robust data acquisition system fully integrated with TRUTORQUE. Precise, real time torque application is displayed and recorded for report download and printing.

Downhole Tool Test Flow Loops

Our test flow loops are designed and built to make testing of your tools easier and faster with exacting measurement of the tool’s performance. From 150 HP to 700 HP, using advanced VFD electric drives or diesel engine power, control and monitoring is purpose-engineered for testing your tools’ unique technologies.

Jar Testers

Easily configured for various jar types and sizes, TRUFORCE jar testers are built to perform. Powered and controlled from either a dedicated console or from your TRUTORQUE console, testing is safe and reliable. Test results can optionally be monitored and recorded by your TRULOG data acquisition system.

Mud Motor Test Units

JW Machine Systems mud motor test units combine innovative designs with machine simplicity. TRUPOWER motor testers employ a unique method for resistance braking, coupled with highly accurate meters to verify motor performance.

Hydraulic Work Vise

Hydraulically energized for secure clamping, TRUGRIP workshop vices allow for a safe and convenient position to work on the tool at-hand. Designed for rugged service and built for value, TRUGRIP vices ensure greater safety with efficiency.

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